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Dog Parks In Nova Scotia
Dog Parks in Dartmouth
Shubie Park
Address ... Off Waverly Road
City ... Dartmouth
Hours ... Dawn to Dusk
Benches ... Yes
Poop Bag Dispensers ... Yes
Parking ... Yes
Comments ... Part of the park is off leash, lots of fun for dogs and owners!
Rainbow Haven Beach
Address ... Bissett Road
City ... Dartmouth
Hours ... 7 AM to Dusk
Parking ... Yes
Comments ...The beach is open during the fall/winter early spring and many
People take their dogs there.  There's plenty of room for the dogs to run on the beach and play in the water.  The only downside is that you can't use the facilities in the summer  (obviously due to beach goers!)
Dog Parks in Halifax
Crystal Crescent Beach
Address ... East & West Pennet
City ... Halifax
Tables... Yes
Benches ... Yes
Payphones ... Yes 
Parking ... Yes 
Comments ... The beach is located approximately 25 minutes from Halifax, near a small fishing village named Sambro. Beautiful scenery, many trails, excellent for people/dogs what enjoy hiking. We've never taken The dog off-leash during the crowded summer, but late summer/fall we enjoy the trails a lot. Owners must clean up after their dogs. Many off-leash areas in the higher trails/grass areas  
Fort Needham Park 
Address ... Young/Novalea
City ... Halifax
Hours ... 6:30 am and 5:30 pm
Comments ... It is not an official dog park but a good group of dog owners and dogs meet regularly.
Address ... Parkland Drive
City ... Halifax
Hours ... Saturday/Sunday 9 - 10
Parking ... Yes
Comments ...  A not-yet official dog park, upwards of 25 dogs can be found roaming on Sat and Sun mornings between 9 and 10. Directions: From Lacewood Drive, follow Parkland approx 2km until you pass Heathside Cr Look for the parking lot on your right (upper part of the lot has a playground and basketball court follow the gravel path until you reach the field on the left. Opposite the 'dog park' is a HRM soccer field.
Point Pleasant Park
Address ... Tower Road at Point Pleasant Park
City ... Halifax
Hours ... 6 am to midnight
Tables ... Yes
Benches ... Yes
Poop bag dispensers ... Yes
Payphones ...Yes
Restrooms ... Yes
Comments ... Huge! Has separate area for dogs and those uncomfortable around dogs
Seaview Park
Address ... Seamus & Ceilidh (Off of Barrington Street on Waterfront)
City ... Halifax
Hours ... 6am -11 pm
Fenced ... Yes
Table ... Yes
Benches ... Yes
Poop bag dispensers ... yes
Parking ... Yes
Restrooms ... Yes
Comments ... A great spot to let your dogs free to socialize! Great for dogs, Basset Hounds meet every Sunday and it is an unleashed area for the animals to run.
Dog Parks in Kentville
Patch of Heaven
Address ... Blue Mountain
City ... Kentville
Hours ... 8 am - 8pm
Fenched ... Yes
Poop Bag Dispensers ...Yes
Handicapped Accessible ... Yes
Parking ... Yes
Restroom ... Yes
Comments ... We will be opening early October and are open year round. There is an agility course and kiddie pools (a wading pool is in the works). Very scenic and private. Admission is $5/hr. We are also a full time daycare (Mon-Fri 7:30-5:30) and a luxury boarding establishment.