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 The season of giving is upon us and the most vulnerable animals in Nova Scotia need help. Please give to the Nova Scotia SPCA Provincial Animal Shelter in Dartmouth, NS at www.metro.spcans.ca. All donations  go directly to support animal care at the shelter.

This lovely little feline was delivered into our care by a good Samaritan who found her with her kittens abandoned and alone. Through the care of our foster network, she and her kittens received the love and attention that they needed and now her kittens have been adopted.  She and so many like her are looking for willing adoptive homes.  Today, the SPCA needs your help. Please consider opening your heart and home this holiday season.  Consider adopting, sponsoring an adoption, purchasing gift certificates or making a donation.  With your help, we can achieve a more compassionate Nova Scotia.
The Nova Scotia SPCA and P&G Pet Care(IAMS) have established a partnership which benefits all the homeless shelter companion animals in Nova Scotia. IAMS are feeding every Branch of the SPCA in the province of Nova Scotia, which means that donations can be diverted to other priority areas.  
This relationship enables us to feed IAMS products exclusively to our shelter pets and to provide our adopters with a puppy or kitten kit designed to help them understand the responsibilities of pet ownership. IAMS provides the Nova Scotia SPCA with many additional opportunities: sponsoring our events, offering nutritional training for our shelter staff, delivering our food, and cross promoting the advantages of adopting a shelter pet. One such program is IAMS Home 4 the Holidays which is now in full swing across Canada including all of our shelters in Nova Scotia. The goal of the program is to place as many animals as possible into loving homes through the season. IAMS promotes this program across the country with advertising and marketing and gives the SPCA tools to do the same through our shelters and websites.

The vision of the Nova Scotia SPCA is that Nova Scotia be a No Kill province and a safe place for all animals with zero tolerance for animal cruelty.
The season of giving is upon us and the most vulnerable animals of Nova Scotia need your help. We are hoping for a Christmas miracle. Will you be our Santa Paws? Davis was rescued from a neglectful breeder, who cared more about profit than animals. Because of you, our investigators were able to give Davis a second chance. Today, he is loved dearly, with a happy life and wonderful family. Nancy Noel is one of only two provincial special constables, who work tirelessly to help rescue animals from neglect, cruelty and abuse throughout Nova Scotia. Nancy is only able to do the work she does, because of your support. Donor dollars make up 94% of our financial support. Please donate today and help us continue to save lives and to make our miracle happen. To donate, you can call 1-888-703-7722 or log onto www.spcans.ca.